Dozens involved in weekend Bay City brawl

A look at clips from a web video showing a brawl on Midland Street.

An explosive video showing an early Sunday morning brawl on Bay City TMs Midland Street has residents, city leaders, and business owners there demanding action. They also fear what may happen next. The fight originated at the Westown nightclub before quickly spilling out into the street just before 2am.

The video was shot by concerned business owner and City Commissioner Kevin Novellino. It shows a mob of young people that appear to be in their early 20s pushing each other around while shouting out colorful language; however several scenes show people receiving serious injuries.

In one portion, a man is lying on the ground shirtless and bloody. Seconds later, several women are pushed to the ground as another man appears to repeatedly stomp on the head of a person on the ground.

The incident tied up city police officers to the point where Michigan State Police had to respond to a shooting on the city TMs west side, while the officers tried to defuse the situation.

Other business owners have blamed Westown's management for attracting rowdy crowds and suggest the music played there might have an influence. Westown DJ's traditionally play rap and hip hop music on weekend nights.

The bar's co-owner Jay Samborn said they play the same music as other bars on Midland Street. He said the real problem is with people loitering outside and smoking since state law bans them from doing so indoors.

Since video of the fight first appeared on NBC25, Novellino said police department officials are working on ideas for ordinances that will place more responsibility on bar owners and the crowds they attract into their establishments.