Dramatic rescue: boat sinks off Saginaw Bay

Coast Guard picture

The Coast Guard rescued a man off of a sinking boat in Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron Monday after attempts to get water out of the boat were unsuccessful.

At 9:40 a.m.,Coast Guard officials from in Essexville, Mich., were contacted by a good Samaritan with a report of a man aboard an 18-foot boat sinking in the Saginaw Bay while it was being towed by another boat.

The caller was concerned that both boats might sink.

A rescue boatcrew launched from a Coast Guard station in the Saginaw River. A member of the Coast Guard crew boarded the sinking boat with a portable dewatering pump and attempted to "dewater" the boat.

The man said his boat began taking on water and his bilge pumps kept turning off, so he had a friend attempt to tow it to safety but could not keep up with the flooding. The man was transferred onto a Coast Guard boat.

Twenty minutes into the tow, the 18-foot boat began taking on more water than could be maintained by the pump, and the rescue boat crew had to cut it loose. The boater was transferred to his friendâ??s boat.

A commercial boat arrived on scene and pulled the boat from the bay and transported it to shore.There were no injuries.