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      Driver advocacy group warns toll roads may be coming to Michigan

      Michigan has three toll roads but they're only for major bridge crossings.

      The Edgerton family is paying a pretty penny while filling up to head north.

      ??We??re either taxed or insured,?? says Debra Edgerton of Macomb. ??So by the time you pay taxes and insurance, what do you have left out of your money,?? she adds.

      Don??t even mention the possibility of tolls roads to the Edgertons.

      ??I think i can come up with something better than tolls or taxes,?? says Edgerton. ??Cut your pay legislators,?? she adds.

      But The National Motorists Association says toll roads in Michigan are a real possibility.

      ??We??ve been blessedly free of them forever,?? says Jim Walker of the driver advocacy group.

      A bill in Michigan??s legislature looks to increase road funding by $500 million. It would also give the legislature the authority to come up with new revenue streams.

      ??It would create the ability for MDOT and the transportation commission to create a toll road with any legislative oversight or approval,?? says Walker.

      But Genesee County??s road commissioner says tolls roads are a pipe dream.

      ??You could look at tolling some bridges,?? says John Daly. ??If those bridges are tolled then that means they don't have to receive funding from the MTF in order to operate. That means there would probably be a slight amount of money more available but not a significant amount,?? adds Daly.

      It??s a dream, the Edgerton family hopes doesn't become a reality.

      ??We go quite often so I wouldn't like to pay for toll roads,?? says Edgerton.