Driver faces felony charges after car crashes into home, killing resident

Hunter Motko

A bruised Hunter Motko was arraigned on three drunk driving charges Monday afternoon after his car tore a hole into this home on Ruth Street in Auburn.

â??Itâ??s kind of sickening, ya know,â?? says Bill Schmidt, who lives down the street from the Lietzke family.

Neighbors are trying to understand why.

â??Itâ??s kind of weird ya know,â?? says Schmidt. â??Kind of sick to your stomach. You can't even sleep in your own bed,â?? adds Schmidt.

Vaughn Lietzke, 41, was killed while he sleeping in his bed.

His wife, Sandra, is recovering.

Neighbors say the couple is new to the neighborhood and they kept to themselves.

â??They bought that house about a year and a half ago,â?? says Schmidt.

Authorities say Motko has driven under the influence before.

â??Itâ??s my understand it was the statutory violation of operating with the presence of THC in your system,â?? says Matthew Reyes, a defense attorney representing Motko.

Police also say Motko fought back when they arrived on scene.

â??He suffered some head injuries and Iâ??m sure for a variety of reasons, his recollection of events is pretty foggy at this point,â?? adds Reyes.

While Motko may not remember much, neighbors say they can't forget this.

â??It's sad,â?? says Schmidt.

Motkoâ??s bond was set at $500,000. His lawyer tells NBC25 News, Motko didnâ??t know someone was killed in the accident until he saw it on news reports.