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      Driving conditions not as bad as predicted

      Friday's snowstorm caused more of a slushy mess than hazardous driving conditions.

      Genesee County 911 reported nearly 70 fender benders as of 6:00 p.m. Friday evening. None of the accidents were considered serious.

      Genesee County road crews say work on the roads was steady but not intense.

      "The light snow we can clear faster than with heavy snow so we don't need all the trucks," said Genesee County Road Commission Director John Daly.

      Daly said no extra crews or shifts were needed Thursday into Friday morning and very little salt was used on the roads.

      Dynamic Auto Collision in Burton is expecting business to pick up over the next few days.

      "I've had about eight calls so far with people who have been in accidents," said owner Loren Austin.

      Lifelong Flint resident Edna Mason says after a spinout she had years ago, she doesn't drive on freeways in the winter time and always drives slow.

      "Drivers know that it's slippery but for some reason they want to speed."