Drug checkpoint sign taken down in Flint

Sheriff Pickell says the drug checkpoint signs will not be put back up. / Aaron Smith

There will be no more road way checkpoints on Flint highways according the sheriff of Genesee county.

Sheriff Robert Pickell says he's received too much negative attention because of the sign.

He says, "They're all saying checkpoints are illegal. Don't you think I know that, I know that, that's what I say. I did some misleading advertisement."

Sheriff Pickell claims he never authorized 'checkpoints' along I-69 in Flint. He did put up a sign alerting drivers that they would be searched for drugs at an upcoming stop point.

Some Flint residents are speaking out against the stops. Andre Johnson says, " People should have the right to their own privacy they should have the right to go about they business without having to worry about getting stopped at a drug checkpoint."

The sheriff's department used the checkpoints for about two weeks netting a dozen arrests for illegal pills and small amounts of drugs.

Pickell also says, "We have the drug dog, if the dog comes up and hits on them we can do a search."

Some area lawyers disagree and call the searches illegal.

Attorney at Law Terrance Sheehan says, "To commit a crime you got to have at least from an arrest point of view, you have to have probable cause."