'Dumping grounds' post construction in Flint's Smith Village

Since completing most new housing projects in Flint's Smith Village more than a year ago new homeowners have been moving in and calling Flint home. Now, construction crews are gone, leaving behind what residents are calling a dumping ground.

"Ridiculous, this is supposed to be a new home development," said Smith Village Resident Robert Turner.

Since finishing the job more than a year ago construction crews have not returned to pick up countless road barrels and barriers across the street from Robert Turners home in Smith Village.

"We don't have to live like this, we stay down here and we do our best but we need some help for them to pick this stuff up," said Turner.

People in Smith Village have brought the mess to the city's attention, but the forgotten property does not belong to the city, nor the state.

"This is blight in our community. Its blight that we don't want in our community and they are accountable for it and they should come get it," said Flint City Councilman Wantwaz Davis.

Without results from the city, NBC 25 called the phone number listed on the signs. The company confirms, the property is thereâ??s. They declined an interview but said a crew will be sent to pick up the mess.

"Itâ??s a shame it has to lay out here a whole year from a project they say upgrades Avenue A and Wood Street," said Turner.

Clearing the lot outside turners home is going to open more cleared vacant property that people in Smith Village say they are ready to maintain.

"We try to keep the neighborhood clean but we canâ??t keep cant keep it clean if we don't get no help," said Turner.

The company did not go into detail about how the mess was left behind; only that a crew will be sent to retrieve the barrels and signs as soon as possible.