Durand teen beaten to death at Burton house party

A Durand teenager has died of his injuries following a beating in Burton August 20.

17-year-old Ben Tatro's health was improving until two days ago when his parents say he took a turn for the worse.

According to his family, 17-year-old Benjamin Tatro died Wednesday night at 11:54 from his injuries.

"I love you buddy and I'm really glad you're not in pain anymore," said Ben's older sister.

Police said the beating happened after a fight broke out at a home in the 1400 block of Carman in Burton.

Ben's family said he was beaten so badly his ear had to be sewn back on.

His family can't believe it.

"He was always kind and considerate," said Ben's sister.

Neighbors in the Burton neighborhood are not surprised.

They said the home has been the source of many problem

"It's been a party every single night for the past two weeks," said next-door neighbor, Tammy Champine.

It's why Tammy and her family are moving out.

"Always trash everywhere screaming throughout the night, parties," said Champine.

"It would keep me up literally half the night," said neighbor, Chelsea Campbell.

The house is now boarded up, solving some problems in the neighborhood.

But, not bringing back what his family calls "light of their lives and air in their lungs."

"Your last words were I love you more. I wish I could tell you you're wrong because it's not true. I love you," said his sister.

Burton Police Lt. Mike Odette said one suspect is in the Genesee County jail in connection with the crime and a second person is being sought by police.

Charges are being considered by Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton.

The family has issued this statement in response to the death of their son:

"Our hearts are broken over the loss of our son. We ache with grief. Ben was the light of our lives and the air in our lungs. We will forever miss his laughter. He had such a big heart and an altruistic nature to help anyone at anytime. We are overwhelmed with the loving thoughts and support from friends, family and even strangers who are touched by this tragedy. Right now we just appreciate everybody giving us space and respect. We need time to grieve, breath and lay our son to rest."

If you would like to donate to help the family, you can make contributions that will help cover Ben's burial. Donations can be made out to "Prayers for Ben Tatro."