Early frost and cold temperatures cause concern for crops and plants

Summer is still officially around for one more week but with winter making an early grasp at Mid-Michigan, crops and other plants could be damaged.

This comes as a concern because last year was such a terrible year for crops and this year has allowed only a few farmers to truly recover.

The most susceptible to the frost would be mainly fruits, flowers, and other vulnerable plants and crops.

Farmers are taking precautions now, some harvesting ahead of schedule, to minimize the impact tonights un-seasonably cold temperatures may have.

There are a few steps the average gardener can take to protect the fruits of their labor.

"Just try to keep them as warm as possible" says Pennell Farms grower Abby Usrey. "I mean it's going to be a cold one tonight so we all can just hope mother nature is not too rough on us. You can put blankets or plastic over your plants, it will protect them".

Anyone with below ground plants will have a much easier time since the recent high temperatures should keep the ground warm enough to fight the frost.

Several counties in Mid-Michigan are under frost advisories for tonight and despite a few counties staying out of the advisory areas, temperatures will drop considerably overnight.

For a list of the counties under a frost advisory, or even a freeze warning tonight, check the weather tab on