East coast superstorm could bring snow to Mid-Michigan

Hurricane Sandy, a category 1 is moving up the Carolina coast and is expected to make landfall late Sunday near Chesapeake Bay as an extra tropical system packing winds to 80 MPH along much of the east coast and bringing coastal flooding.

60-80 MPH gusts could come as far inland as eastern PA tomorrow through Monday and 4-8" of rainfall along with storm surge will put coastline areas from Virginia to Massachusetts at risk of flooding.

60 Million people are in the path of the storm and power outages are expected all along the east coast. Some outages are expected to last over a week in more remote areas.

North winds on the west side of the system will keep mid-Michigan in colder air through next week, and remnants from the system will bring some rain showers, possibly mixed with or even changing over to snow showers, Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Some small accumulations on grassy surfaces are possible. More details to come in the NBC25 Forecast