Economic expansion hits the Bay and Saginaw counties

Economic development in Bay and Saginaw counties is getting a big boost.

Two companiesare putting up the now hiring sign, announcing big expansion plans

â??Weâ??re very excited first of all because the company had been considering several other locations in other states,â?? says Joann Crary of Saginaw Future, Inc.

Sheâ??s talking about Suniva, Inc. The Atlanta-based company is taking over the old Sears warehouse in Saginaw Township.

â??Anytime you can take a building that's been vacant and update it and euse it, it's very positive for the area,â?? says Crary.

Suniva makes parts for solar panels. Theyâ??ll need at least 100 employees to start.

â??But then ramp up as they add equipment to 350 over three years so it's a significant number of jobs for our area,â?? says Crary.

Construction is also hitting Bay City.

Landall Packaging embarking on an expansion project as the carton-making company grows outside its own box.

â??Weâ??re adding a 66,000 square foot addition,â?? says Steve Landall, owner of Landall Packaging.

He says this groundbreaking and Suniva's expansion shows mid-Michiganâ??s back on the manufacturing track.

â??Do we have as much as we had in the past? No but it doesn't mean that there isn't opportunities and there isn't manufacturing here,â?? says Landall.

Suniva received a state grant that's helping them get started in Saginaw Township.

The company will also partner with Michigan Works to hire local residents.

The company expects production