Educators not happy with legislatureâ??s education spending hike

Education funding in Michigan is getting a shot in the arm thanks to lawmakers in Lansing. The state House of Representatives has approved a four-percent spending increase for the next school year. However, local educators say the hike isnâ??t enough.

Tanisha isn't satisfied with the education her daughter is receiving in the Beecher school district.

â??She doesn't have the support that the teachers should offer or should be given toward the children,â?? says Tanisha but she doesn't blame teachers, she blames lawmakers

"There should be some type of plan or something that they can come up with to prevent all the schools from being closed,â?? says Tanisha.

The legislature's latest plan includes a four-percent spending hike to public schools..

â??That's a start but it's a mighty low start,â?? says Tanisha.

Four-percent means an extra $50 per student for Beecher schools.

â??This is the first pure increase in state aid in about three years I believe,â?? says Dr. Josha Talison, superintendent of Beecher schools.

Beecher's per-pupil allowance from the state is at the same level it was back in 2004, reaching its highest point in 2008.

â??That will definitely keep us on our track,â?? says Talison.

While Talison gladly accepts the increase the head of Flintâ??s teachers union says it isn't enough.

â??Four-percent is a slap in the face, compared to what you have taken away,â?? says Ethel Johnson who represents Flintâ??s teachers.

â??Itâ??s nice to try and help us out but we probably need to be made whole and then go from there,â?? says Talison.

â??At least start off from 10-percent, not four. I mean what is four percent?â?? adds Tanisha.