Eggs are a super food just in time for Easter

Today Dr. Dan talks about an Easter favorite: Eggs.

The week of Easter, the sale of eggs goes way up. And Dr. Dan Kehres, a Saginaw chiropractor says they've become a "super food". During his regular Tuesday health segment on NBC 25 Today, Dr. Dan says cholesterol claims about eggs are way overblown. The nutrittional value of eggs can't be overstated. They are a great source of protein. Although you should check with your doctor, Dr. Kehres eats them almost everyday.

He eats hard boiled eggs with a little salt. He'll put them in a salad. He even makes deviled eggs and loves them. But hold the mayo. The good doctor has a great recipe for a healthier deviled eggs.

Here's the recipe:

Dr. Kehres cautions hard boiled eggs only last a couple of hours out of the refrigerator, so you have to eat them right away.

But eat 'em up. Your body will love the protein and other nutritional benefits.

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