Eight casinos proposed for Michigan, one in Birch Run

Thousands of jobs could be coming to Michigan and some right here in Birch Run.

Members of the Detroit Casino Partnership are proposing eight new casinos. They said nearly 16,000 construction and casino jobs may be added and the group is willing to spend $50 million to make that happen.

If backers have their way a casino will be built right by the Birch Run Expo Center. Along with seven others, one is proposed to be built near Cadillac at the Eldorado Golf Course, some in Lansing and Grand Rapids and the biggest in downtown Detroit.

Some people said it's a good idea while others think differently.

"I think it's a great idea. . . it will benefit the economy over here," said Valarie Sena.

"I think it's more of a downfall. I think everyone should save money and support the local businesses around here instead of putting it into the machines," responded Dawn Gilbert.

The proposal faces opposition from Indian tribes that operate out of state casinos.

It is just in the beginning stage. In order to start building the group needs 322,609 valid signatures by July 9th. Then the issue will get on the November ballot.

If the casino is built in Birch Run, it will be in addition to the three commercial casinos in Detroit and 22 tribal casinos across the state.