Emergency Finanical Manager here to stay despite "no" on Prop. 1

Despite "no" votes on all six state ballot proposals, Flint city leaders say a majority "no" vote on "Prop. 1" has no effect on the city's Emergency Financial Manager leadership.

Flint's EFM, Ed Kurtz says there will be no change in his role because Flint is currently operating under the older law-Public Act 72.

This, despite a 57% "no" vote on Tuesday.

"I voted no because it is not needed," says Flint resident, John T. Harvey.

But voters will not see a difference. Kurtz says he will continue to act in the city's best interest.

"What is not understood in this process is the state is stepping in so the city can avoid bankruptcy which would be awful, horrendous. If people think an EFM is bad wait until they have a court appointed receiver," says Kurtz.

There are two lawsuits pending opposing Emergency Financial Managers across the state.

One is filed by Flint City Council and the other out of Ingham County.

In the meantime, Governor Snyder already says he will work on replacement legislation.