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      Emergency manager repeal petition denied

      The "on again" "off again" status of emergency managers in Michigan reached Lansing once again today.

      An election board denied the petition to repeal the state's emergency manager law.

      The election board voted along party lines, two yes, two no.

      That means the emergency manager repeal will not be on the November ballot.

      So for now, Flint's emergency manager Mike Brown is still in power.

      Some residents say it has to be done to put Flint back on solid financial footing, and if the elected representatives had done there job, he would not have to be there.

      Others disagree.

      Flint's Anthony L. Smith says, "It helps out a little bit, but it's too much government. It should be more people in charge instead of government being in charge."

      Flint's mayor says he's trying not to be distracted on a day to day basis of whether he's in charge. "There are a number of outstanding legal questions around the open meetings act, the petition signatures, constitutional issues, that have been raised. All of those are going to work their way through the courts," says Flint Mayor Dayne Walling.

      In mid-March, an Ingham County judge restrained the powers of Emergency Manager Mike Brown citing a violation of the Open Meetings Act.

      However, an appeals court restored Brown's powers two weeks later.

      "It takes the voice away from the people and puts government and everyone else in charge of our community instead of us having a say and dictate our own destiny," says Smith.

      Others, who did not want to appear on camera say they agree with the emergency manager.

      Some say it doesn't affect them.

      In the meantime, daily business moves on.

      "Our community is always here, and there's always issues going through the courts, so we have to stay focused on our challenges, really build on the good things that are happening all across the city. I see a lot of opportunities to do that," says Walling.

      The reason why two members of the election board denied the petition was because they say the size of the print on the petition was too small.