Emergency Managers and Race

Governor Snyder is speaking out against claims of racism over emergency manager appointments.


overnor Rick Snyder is fighting claims of racism from protestors. The activists say he's unfairly targeting black cities across the state for emergency financial take-overs. As you know, Flint is one of those cities.


early a week ago hundreds of protestors marched to governor Rick Snyder's home near Ann Arbor to protest the recent appointments of emergency managers in cities like Flint. Three other cities are also in the same predicament. Now there's even talk of adding Detroit to the list.


ut, all the cities have one thing in common

they're predominately black.


hile Snyder admits this is true he says the cities suffered population loses which lowered finances. He told a group of reporters last week, " This has nothing to do with race. Its really a function of if you look at the cities suffering the greatest challenges and the school districts, typically they've had massive declines in terms of population. "


ack here in Flint resident George Prout agrees with the governor saying, " Well I know that Flint needs something."


rout says the financial challenges the city Flint faced were simply too much to go addressed. He says race has nothing to do with it continuing,

" N

o there's nothing racist about it. Its something that has to be done."


ut not all Flint residents agree. While some are not sure if its outright racism they do agree that something had to be done to get finances back in order.

Flint resident Gary Green says, " I'

m not a fan of his but I think he's doing what he go to do."


yder says his priority is fixing communities and schools. Snyder says, " It really should be about financial stability so we can grow these cities. we want thriving cities and school."