Emergency responders perform drill in Burton

Emergency responders were put to the test in Burton on Friday. Dozens of first responders were reacting to a chemical spill at the now-defunct Ice Mountain Arenaâ??but it was all a drill.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Guard, Genesee County Hazmat Team and the Burton Fire Department were on hand for the emergency simulation.

What appears to be real is actually a test. Multiple agencies were making sure they're ready for any emergency situation.

This time, it was a chemical spill.

â??This would be exactly what would happen though in an actual scenario,â?? says Ken Gould, deputy fire chief of the Burton Fire Department.

Even the Salvation Army showed up.

â??Drills like this give us time to be active ourselves,â?? says Joe Edgerton of the Salvation Army.

â??Just a drill,â?? says Lt. Col. Tim Densham with the National Guard. â??But this is what we want to do, to work with our local responders, fire, police and everyone so that we all understand how each other works so that way if it was for real, we'd be ready for it,â?? he adds.

Including the one at Senator Carl Levinâ??s Saginaw office back April when a suspicious letter was found.

â??We always have to respond to that and be ready for that,â?? says Densham.

While Fridayâ??s exercise was just a drill, it's keeping emergency agencies on their toes because preparation is key...

â??Weâ??re training for this so that if something does happen, we're ready,â?? says Densham.

Organizers of the drill say they practice across the state once a month. For smaller areas that don't have a hazmat team, the National Guard will come in and help out.