Emergency responders reflect on changes after 9/11 attacks

The September 11th attacks changed the nation and world forever. It also changed the way we look at emergency services and prepare for disasters.

"12 years ago today,â?? Rick Humphreys recalls. â??(I remember) trying to picture that situation and what's going through the responders minds, what's going through the public's minds,â?? says Humphreys, assistant chief of the Saginaw Township Fire Department.

â??It was a golf outing and it sounds funny that you were at golf outing but I can tell you the whole golf outing changed when we heard about this,â?? recalls Tom McIntyre, director of Saginaw Countyâ??s 911 center.

Also changing, the way the country looks at emergency preparedness.

â??I think we do more scenarios about what-ifs, more training certainly out at the airport and stuff and thinking about those scenarios,â?? says McIntyre.

Fire departments like Saginaw Township also getting more equipment and training after 9/11.

â??It's been everything from breathing apparatus to fire apparatus,â?? says Humphreys. â??Boats, turnout equipment,â?? he adds.

â??Thereâ??s certainly been improvement in the training that have been offered through Homeland Security,â?? says McIntyre.

Itâ??s training emergency responders hope they never have to use but preparation is now key.

â??The last 12 years has been being more proactive than reactive,â?? adds McIntyre.