Emotional homecoming for soldiers returning from overseas

Sergent Evans has been deployed for the past year.

Sergeant Aaron Evans greeting his mother for the first time since returning home from overseas.

"I am so happy. It has been a long year it's just so many people here it's just unreal,â?? said Sergeant Aaron Evans.

Margret Evans is a proud mother of two combat veterans. But lets Aaron give his first hug to someone else.

"My daughter in law. They got married right before he deployed getting to see her husband and my two sons getting to be together again,â?? said Evansâ?? mother Margret.

"It is so nice being able to see her and see my family and finally get our life started again,â?? said Aaron Evans.

Evan's is one of 160 men and women who left last year. Today they celebrated as one. The troops returned from Kuwait and Afghanistan.

"I had the opportunity to watch four little boys wait for their daddy to get home besides my nephew and this is truly a great day,â?? said Aaronâ??s aunt Janet Cook.

Before deployment the military mothers joined together to help each other through what they say was a trying year.

"We are there when we know our son's have been through something tough because that happens on deployments. And were there when we haven't heard from them and pray they are alright,â?? said President of the Military Mothers local chapter Lynn Oleinjcek.

And for Margret Evans the struggle is all worth it.

"They want to serve their county bottom line and that makes it easier as a parent,â?? said Margret Evans.

The companyâ??s officers say their goal now is to provide these brave men with a seamless transition back into the civilian world.