Ending a dangerous holiday 'tradition' in Saginaw

<p>Residents in Saginaw will be ringing in the New Year, toasting at local bars or taking in one of the many New Yearâ??s Eve celebrations in the area.</p>

The Saginaw Sheriffs Department wants people to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014 safely.

"Send a greeting card not a bullet,â?? said Sheriff William Federspiel.

"There is so much violence going on in our city and I think people need to be more mindful of that when they are shooting or doing whatever else they decide to do at midnight," said Saginaw resident Camisa Sanders.

Sanders calls the midnight gun fire a terrible way to ring in the New Year. And the sheriff's department is hoping to silence the streets.

"Firearms are extremely dangerous when used improperly and firing a bullet into the air is needless and very very dangerous," said Federspiel.

The sheriff says bullets shot into the air puts everyone in the city at risk.

"Not only causing property damage to roofs, window and vehicles but also serious injury and death should it strike a person," said Federspiel.

But their focus is two fold; they are increasing patrols during a notorious drinking holiday to ensure safety on local roadways.

"I think they should be mindful of that with children and people out drinking and driving, just be mindful," said Sanders.

Federspiel says whether shooting guns or driving under the influence you will face consequences.

"You will go to jail. You will lose your license and you are going to pay a huge fine and you are going to ring in 20-14 at 208 South Harrison."

208 South Harrison is the address of the Saginaw County Jail. Federpsiel says shooting a gun into the air is illegal and a higher penalty can be sought if the bullet damages property or life.