Eric Mays' attorney speaks about Mays' arrest

Flint's First Ward Councilman Eric Maysâ?? attorney, Frank Manley, spoke with NBC 25 after his client was arrested for operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and for possession of marijuana.

"Once you separate the who from the what, you will find that it's a simple misdemeanor and councilman Mays is presumed innocent and we will proceed accordingly. He is a city councilman in a city that is controlled by the Emergency Financial Manager but itâ??s our expectation that it is only the voters that can and will have a say in whether or not Mr. Mays continues to serve," said Manley.

Flint police received a call at about 2:50 Saturday morning that a vehicle was driving north in the southbound lanes of I-475.

Flint police responded and found Councilman Mays changing four flat tires on I-475 near Carpenter Road. The Genesee Township police were already on the scene.

The Flint police also say that Mays had no proof of insurance and refused to be fingerprinted.