Eric Mays speaks out after recount

Flint city officials are trying to figure out what's next for Eric Mays and his council seat after Flint Police say Mays was driving while drunk on Interstate 475 this past weekend. Meantime, Flint city council members say they hope the city gets to the bottom of this so they can move forward with the city's business.

First ward councilman Eric Mays all ready to talk about his recount win Tuesday.

â??Under the circumstances of everything that's been transpiring, this was good victory for us,â?? says Mays.

But Mays is not saying much about his drunk driving charges.

â??I have a lot to say about this weekend, through my attorney, Frank Manley,â?? says Mays.

Manley also staying mum on the charges as is Flint Mayor Dayne Walling who's staying out of the fray

â??I don't have a comment on that,â?? says Walling.

City council members however say it's time to move on.

â??We (sic) willing to work with Mr. Earley, the emergency manager, to move this city forward. We cannot keep looking backwards,â?? says Wantwaz Davis who represents Flintâ??s fifth ward.

Earley is in talks with the governor's office

â??Iâ??m not speaking directly with Governor Snyder. I'm talking with his legislative and other assistants, as well as treasury,â?? says Earley. â??We want to make sure this issue is thoroughly reviewed,â?? he adds.

â??Right now, I'm still on the council and we will fight to maintain the position that the people voted and put us in,â?? adds Mays.

Flint City Attorney Peter Bade announced Tuesday that attorney Michael J. Gildner has been appointed special assistant city attorney to handle the prosecution of Maysâ?? case.