Event hall honors Dr. King after racy flyer gets national attention

A local event hall is holding a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the eve of the national holiday in his honor.

This celebration comes after The Social Network made national headlines.

As we've reported, a flyer for a teen party called "Freedom 2 Twerk" featured Dr. King's face.

The event hall owner tells NBC25 News he had nothing to do with that flyer and cancelled the party.

Now, he's honoring Dr. King and says this is the way the civil rights icon should be honored.

â??Hopefully, we'll have more youth come through so we can bring up awareness and kind of teach our youth what it means to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, how to celebrate it, why should we celebrate this man. And that's what today is about,â?? says Vic McEwen, owner of The Social Network.

Sundayâ??s event featured a replay of Dr. King's famous â??I Have a Dream Speech.â??