Evidence piles in the Bluew trial

Bags of evidence from Ken Bluewâ??s pickup truck, police department locker and home were presented to the jury by the prosecution. Including a second uniform found under Bluewâ??s car seat.

"He said it was an old uniform that no longer fit him and he just had done nothing further with it,â?? said State Police Detective Sergeant Allan Ogg.

Ogg testified the second uniform was the same size as those found in Bluewâ??s laundry bag.

Extension cords identical to the one found on Jenny Webbâ??s neck were found in Bluewâ??s garage wrapped with a twist tie.

"I noted that also in that drawer there was a twist tie. A twist tie alone not attached to anything. Just laying in the bottom of the drawer,â?? said Ogg.

Proceeding testimony about wounds on Bluewâ??s forearm. Judge Jackson would allow Ogg to state his opinion about the marks.

"I felt they were relevant because of the linear fashion they were on there because of the spacing between them I thought they were consistent with finger nails,â?? said Ogg.

Colleen Auer-Lemke, a forensic computer expert searched through twenty five electronic items including cell phones and computers, but was unable to locate the orgin of the suicide note found in Jenny Webbâ??s purse.

â??Based on all the information I was given I looked for it and could not find it,â?? said Lemke.

However, Webbâ??s cell phone did reveal some information.

â??Itâ??s going to go through and find anything that has Ken in it. And this is what I found, cop boo Ken,â?? said Lemke.

Bluewâ??s computer showed activity about suspicious death, strangulation and the most painless way to commit suicide.

The prosecution continues to build itâ??s case. The defense has yet to call their first witness.