Ex-con turns Flint councilman elect

A 1991 copy of the Flint Journal confirms Wantwaz Davis' voluntary surrender to police.

Wantwaz Davis' extended interview about his life.

"Finding out I was a product of a sexual assault it was kind of confusing," said Flint Councilman Elect Wantwaz Davis.

More than 20 years ago a confused and angry 17-year-old Wantwaz Davis feeling the need to protect his mom; so he confronted a man he says sexually assaulted her and took the man's life.

"I turned myself in and i made a courageous confession,"

His story inked in black and white a teenager charged with murder eventually sentenced to prison.

19 years behind bars with a seventh grade education he took the initiative to prepare for a future in politics.

"Let me study, let me read, let me find out what i can build on to take my mind away from this pain," said Davis.

Davis topping incumbent Bernard Lawler in decision 2013, and opening a new door.

"Itâ??s positive because he turned his life around and he is doing something with his life now," said Flint resident Robert Callaway.

Robert Callaway calls Davis, a fresh perspective on taking care of a city with troubled youth.

"I donâ??t imagine what you are going through I know what you are going through because I been through it," said Davis.

The new councilman elect is rallying behind jobs and sending a message to flint youth he wishes he heard 22 years ago.

"Let the laws of the institution do their job instead of taking the job into my own hands," said Davis.

Flint City Council President Scott Kincaid says Davis' energy and passion to overcome his past will make him a model council member.