Ex-Michigan assistant AG sues Mike Cox, others

Former Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is being sued by an ex-employee

A former state lawyer who was fired after expressing hostility toward gay University of Michigan student government president Chris Armstrong has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the state's current attorney general and his predecessor.

Andrew Shirvell's federal suit names as defendants Mike Cox, the previous AG who fired him in 2010, as well as current Attorney General Bill Schuette and four others.

Shirvell is seeking a monetary award and his job back.

Cox says he hasn't read the lawsuit but says he's "certain it is a joke."

He says Shirvell was fired for what he calls "ridiculously warped conduct unbecoming a lawyer and a public servant."

Schuette's spokeswoman had no comment.

A jury last year awarded Armstrong $4.5 million in his lawsuit against Shirvell.