EXCLUSIVE: President Trump speaks to political reporter Nick Minock

YPSILANTI, Mich. - President Donald Trump sat down with our Political Reporter Nick Minock for an exclusive interview before he met with auto executives in Ypsilanti Wednesday.

What did the President hope to accomplish in that meeting?

Trump met with auto executives partly to get an understanding of the regulation requirements the auto industry will face within the next few years.

"I want them back in Michigan. We are going to make it real easy for them to come back, but if they want to leave and fire all their people, and they are going to build cars and sell them back into the United States with no tax, those days are over. If they want to build in another country, they can do that. But when their car is manufactured, they are not selling that car back into this country without paying a price,” said the president.

Nick asked the president what kind of tone he would take in his meeting with the executives.

He said it was a ‘very nice tone’.

"I am going to help them. I am going to help them on emission, I'm going to help them on fuel, I am going to help them on things they need help on because they can't meet the standard. There's no way they can do it. You can only do so much. You can only get so much out of a grape, is the expression. So I'm going to help them. But they have to help me. Because if I help them, they are going to open up factories and they are going to create jobs and if they aren't going to do that, I'm not helping them," Trump replied.

President Trump and I also spoke about healthcare and his first two months in office.

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