Exercise and the heat

Despite the high temperatures,and how dangerous they can be, people still want to exercise in fresh air.

Lance Willette, a soccer player at this day camp says "Its crazy being out here in the heat but, its fun to be out here learning with all my friends and teammates and having a good time."

Where others would quit, these soccer players just find an excuse to play harder.

"I felt pretty sick yesterday," Bryn Butler, another camper says. "But I just got in the shade for a little bit and then came back out because I felt better."

Staying hydrated is always the key, and seasoned athletes know without water....the game can't go on.

Shade plays a key factor as well, and pacing yourself keeps your workout helpful, instead of harmful.

Joshua Williams, a personal trainer with Genesys Health and Fitness club had this advice, "In temperatures like this just to be safe especially if you're by yourself I would say every fifteen minutes either re-hydrate or get to a cooler area and just let your body kind of recover a little bit."

In extreme heat, it's best to stick to an indoor workout.

But these athletes will continue playing the game they love and take every precaution to keep the ball rolling.