Exotic dancer, local American Idol contestant help save manâ??s life after Flint crash

Mitchell Humphrey competed in American Idol in 2011.

It sounds like some sort of joke---an exotic dancer and an American Idol contestant walk into a bar---but what the unusual pair did outside of Teasers Gentlemenâ??s Club is no laughing matter.

It was your typical Thursday night at Teasers Gentlemen's Club until Mitchell Humphrey and Krysta Kurtez stepped outside for a smoke break.

â??I heard a car, almost like the engine was revving up, just speeding up, you could tell it was going really fast,â?? says Mitchell Humphrey who competed in American Idol back in 2011.

â??When I looked, this car was flipping, it flipped twice,â?? says Krysta Kurtez who works as an exotic dancer at the club on Grand Traverse Street.

When the unusual pair heard the sound, they sprang into action.

â??I ran up to the man's vehicle and I looked inside and he was lifeless,â?? says Krsyta who goes by the name Krystalia at Teasers.

â??They said he wasn't breathing and he wasn't conscious and I got through the backseat and kind of supported his neck,â?? says Humphrey.

â??I kicked and kicked and kicked the door until it finally popped open for me and climbed on top of him and checked his pulse,â?? says Kurtez.

She says the 60-year old man wasn't breathing so she performed C.P.R.

â??I don't even really know how I did it but I did it, says Kurtez. â??He started gurgling and started breathing again,â?? adds the mother of four.

â??I just figured I was capable and I had witnessed it so I didn't really think about it at the time,â?? says Humphrey.

â??Itâ??s not something that happens everyday but I feel like it's something that anybody would do, I don't feel special for doing it,â?? adds Kurtez.

The victim of the car crash was taken to Hurley Medical Center where heâ??s listed in critical condition. The driver behind of the wheel of the other car was arrested. Flint police believe speed and alcohol were a factor in the crash.