Experts say: Take action to protect your property from lightning

The executive vice president of Win TMs Electrical Supply in Burton says he learned his lesson the hard way. Lightning can be destructive if you don TMt take action to protect your property.

Lightning hit near his home, sending a surge of electricity into his cable line. It fried his old T.V..

He says if he had spent $50-$60 on a surge protector for both his power and cable line he could have possibly saved his television.

Baldwin Electric Owner Steven Baldwin says in a storm it is also a good idea to have several other items.

A lightning arrestor can be installed to absorb electricity surges caused by lightning.

As well as surge protectors that you plug your appliances into, you can install a surge protector meant to protect your entire home on your electric panel. This will protect your panel from surges caused by changes in the power grid, as may happen during a power outage.

These items can cost between $20 and $70 a piece.

Often the more you spend on a surge protector, the more the manufacturer insures your property. Experts warn, if you buy a surge protector with insurance, read the fine print. Often you need to keep the UPC label, or other paperwork that comes with it in order to make a claim.