Experts testify in Bluew trial

Lisa Ramos confirms Ken Bluew's DNA presense.

Week 2 of the Kenneth Bluew trial is wrapping up in Saginaw with experts in DNA and finger prints identifying items linking Kenneth Bluew to the death of Jennifer Webb.

The prosecution completed their examination of DNA expert Lisa Ramos this morning, confirming Yesterdays positive DNA findings on Webbâ??s forearms, on the extension cord around Webbâ??s neck, and under Webb's fingernails.

"I found that the DNA matches those of Kenneth Bluew at 15 of those locations and is inconclusive at one,â?? said DNA expert Lisa Ramos.

Gary Ginther, a finger print expert testified on a print left on Jenny Webbâ??s apparent suicide note.

â??A right index finger of Kenneth Bluew,â?? said Ginther.

A damaged print was compared to those taken two weeks after Webbâ??s death and confirmed an injury to Kenneth Bluewâ??s right index finger.

â??You can see the void area of injured area that is still present,â?? said Ginther.

Finger prints were also found in another area of Webbâ??s vehicle.

â??All of the latent prints from that particular area of the passenger side front quarter panel all of the latent prints were identified as to have been being made by Kenneth Bluew,â?? said Ginther.

After recessing for the weekend and Columbus Day, court will continue on Tuesday. The defense has yet to call any witnesses. Check back on NBC25 News at 6 p.m. for updates.