Facebook pays thousands of dollars to hackers

Facebook is actually looking for people to hack the social media site.

The online company TMs dishing out thousands of dollars to hackers in what they TMre calling the Bug Bounty Program.

Facebook Security TMs White Hats page states, |We realize, though, that there are many talented and well-intentioned security experts around the world who don TMt work for Facebook. Over the years, we have received excellent support from independent researchers who have let us know about bugs they have found. A couple of years ago, we decided to to formalize a whitehat program to encourage these researchers to look for bugs and report them to us. We received really positive feedback when we launched our responsible disclosure policy last year, in which we told researchers we would not take adverse actions against them when they followed the policy in reporting bugs|

Whitehat reports the program TMs already paid over $40,000 hackers who were able to discover security flaws. One of those hackers received $7,000.

If you think you know of a security breach, you can submit the details to the whitehat program by clicking here.

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