Faith-based play aims to address policing and personal responsibility

â??Respect The Gameâ?? is a play that takes the audience on a journey of a young man's life from birth until death. The play shows the consequences of his actions while dealing with the police.

â??We wanted to step outside the pulpit and bring a message in the theatre,â?? says Bishop Urundi Knox, pastor of Burtonâ??s Ebenzer Ministries.

He says he finds himself often preaching the message of respect at his church.

â??Many times, we do not teach our children, we do not tell our youth that authority has the last word so how do you act or react,â?? says Knox.

He and his church members are now teaching how to react by acting it out.

â??Even in The Bible, it talks about obeying the law,â?? says the playâ??s writer and director Kelcy Williams.

Williams and Anthony Allen co-wrote the faith-based play.

â??Our young men are out in the streets in a world of crime so it's pretty much centered around what's going on locally and around the world,â?? says Williams.

Anthony Allen stars as Marquan Stillman, Jr., a rebellious young man who learns life lessons the hard way.

â??The storyline is real and this is just you know---life,â?? says Allen.

Itâ??s real life for Allen, a former police officer who now finds himself trying to explain national events like Ferguson, Missouri to his 17-year old son.

â??Weâ??re not condoning the behavior of the officers but the results could've been different had the victims reacted differently,â?? says Allen.

â??One of the things I hope they gain from this play is, is there something different I can do? Perhaps I need to stop and think before I act,â?? says Knox.

The play also features local law enforcement officials for added effect.

District Court judge Nathaniel Perry and Flint police officer Tanya Meeks will also be performing.

The play hits the stage at Flint's Bower Theater this weekend.