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      Fake bars sold as real silver

      Saginaw Township Police are sending out a warning about fake bars of silver.

      Officers say people are trying to pass off silver painted bars as pure silver to jewelry stores.

      The one ounce bars have a marijuana leaf on the front and a "make it legal" stamp on the back.

      Authorities say purchasers are being led to believe they're buying valuable metal.

      Saginaw Township Crime Prevention Officer Chris Fredenburg says, "As a result of us putting this out on our network, we were contacted by at least three other businesses that had been contacted by these sellers trying to sell these false bars."

      Police say you should only buy silver from reputable sellers.

      If you believe you may have been sold fake bars, call police.

      The fake silver bars are believed to have come from the Shiawassee County area and the case has been turned over to the Saginaw County prosecutor.