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      Fake Christmas tree stirs up holiday controversy

      Does it matter if you buy a real or fake Christmas tree?

      An upscale Detroit suburb's decision to put up a $30,000 artificial Christmas tree outdoors instead of decorating a live tree is attracting some criticism.

      The 35-foot-tall artificial blue spruce in downtown Birmingham's Shain Park is outfitted with 22,260 multicolor lights on 298 branches. John Heiney, director of the city's Principal Shopping District, says artificial tree makers are "so good at making them look so realistic."

      The artificial tree was paid for by the city's Principal Shopping District, the Department of Public Services and a $2,000 donation from a local business.

      Thirty-six-year-old Melissa Vedder of Birmingham says calls the artificial tree "tacky."

      In past years, Birmingham decorated a live tree at the park. The artificial tree is to be lit during a ceremony Wednesday night.

      We're asking Facebook fans this morning how they feel about the fake tree.

      Does it matter if a Christmas tree is fake or not? What's the difference? Share your best X-mas tree stories with us!