Families disgusted with cemetery conditions on Memorial Day

Families of fallen veterans are not waiting for the city clean up forest lawn cemetery.

"Itâ??s a disgrace to the community, to the veterans especially," said Terry Redburn.

Beneath nearly a foot of grass lays a grave marker for Terry Redburn's father, Harry Redburn who was a World War II veteran.

"We brought out the weed eater and went around the grave," said Redburn.

And Redburn's family isn't alone.

"Iâ??m very upset. I'm a veteran and I don't think our veterans should be treated this way." said Vietnam veteran Melvin L. Johns.

For decades Johns has been visiting a friend here.

"I have never seen this cemetery in all my years coming here look like this," said Johns.

In a statement Saginaw Public Services Director Phillip Karwat tells NBC 25â?¦

â??Although the city of Saginaw understands the concerns of the individuals that are complaining about the overall condition of the grounds or lawn care at Forest Lawn Cemetery. We are doing the best we can with the revenues, equipment and staffing levels that we currently have for this maintenance. The amount of rain that has accumulated over the past month or so has set the city back a couple of weeks in its grass cutting due to the fact that almost all areas were to wet to mow. The city was able to cut the grass in those areas that were not so saturated to allow equipment on the grounds without destroying the lawn. We are hopful that we might see a couple of weeks of dry weather that may allow the city to get caught up with its lawn maintenance program at Forest Lawn Cemetery. It is my intent to utilize all seasonal, temporary and tri cap employees this week in an attempt to make improvements to the appearance of Forest Lawn Cemetery. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration anyone may have experienced this weekend with tall grass as they visited their loved ones that may be buried at Forest Lawn. The City of Saginaw Public Services Department has and will continue to provide the best services that we can with the resources that we have.â??