Family 411: Newest trend in helping infertile couples become families

Doctors are better than ever before at helping couples having trouble starting families.

Even so, the average national pregnancy rates for in vitro fertilization still hover at less than 50 percent.

But some new trends are helping to make IVF more effective and more affordable.

Ryan and Leslie are finally expecting their first baby after years of treatments and heartache.

Couples can spend thousands trying to conceive. Ryan and Leslie Ward found the only fertility clinic in the country offering an unusual deal. Buy one get one free In Vitro Fertilization.

Laura and Chris Fossett didn't need the free IVF cycle. The new addition to their family will arrive in May.

Nationally recognized in the field of assisted reproduction, Dr. Mike Thomas of MD, Reproductive Endochronology and Infertility says came up with the Buy One Get One idea after seeing pregnancy rates nearly triple in the last three years at the Center for Reproductive Health.

Dr. Thomas said, â??We truly feel very confident that they're going to get pregnant in that first or second cycle.â??

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Krystene DiPaola say their success is in the air.

Air quality is proven to effect whether a woman gets pregnant and carries a baby to terms. This reproductive center is one of only 19 in the U.S. to use a LifeAire filtration system to try to mimic the ultra-pure conditions inside a woman's body.

Dr. DiPaola said â??What we're seeing is the patients that wouldn't have an exceptional prognosis are in a position to get pregnant. Eggs appear healthier and these patients are getting pregnant.â??

While the Buy One Get One is only for younger women, the doctors here are also working on a budding trend to help older women who want to conceive. It's a new process that screens and evaluates a woman's eggs.

No longer do doctors have to use "looks" to guess which embryos are best for IVF. CCS uses a biopsy - eliminating what has traditionally been a beauty contest.

â??Women who've really delayed fertility, maybe above 40, and have been told there's no chance of pregnancy, this is potentially their best chance of getting pregnant,â?? Dr. DiPaola

DiPaola calls it the wave of the future.

While the Buy One Get One deal isn't a trend yet. Doctors here - and new moms - think it will.

You can't put a price on the extra chance at a family.

But these growing families say getting a financial break definitely helps their future.

It's important to note the buy one get one offer is only for women younger than 37 who have the right medical results.

Dr. Thomas predicts it'll become a trend, but for now, do you research on fertility clinics.

Here are links for the center and how to check success rates around the country.

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