Family 411: Parents, teenage daughters can get along when it comes to fashion

Fashion websites help take the pain out of fashion choices for parents and teenaged girls.

Teenage girls and parents donâ??t always agree on fashion. Sometimes there can be constant friction in the house on what to wear or what not to wear. But there is help to bring an end to the fashion brawl.

A movement to help teenage and tween girls cover up but not lose their sense of style and identity is on the rise.

Girls can find fashion advice from faith based organizations that have managed to keep them covered up without having them say goodbye to their trendsetting status.

Reveal Your Dignity

is a site where they can get personal stylist training, share tips and learn how to express themselves in their clothing choices. Another organization,

Pure Fashion

, teaches girls not only about fashion but also introduces them to public speaking, volunteerism and events to help build stronger mother and daughter relationships.

Other sites like

Timeless Beauty

also encourage programs to help mothers and daughters connect while offering tips and advice to ease the fashion tension in households.