Family and police search for missing Saginaw woman

The family of a missing Saginaw woman is asking for your help finding her.

The daughter of 56-year-old Toni Frenzel says she last talked to her mom Friday. Their conversation disturbed her. Her mom, who suffers from mental illness, sounded confused and paranoid. When family members went to check on her, Frenzel wasn TMt at her Saginaw home.

"We're assuming she walked away, says Frenzel TMs daughter, Amanda Burke of Standish. She left her car and her keys. She walked off to the best of our knowledge in some canvas tennis shoes, stretch pants, and a flannel shirt. She did not put her teeth in, so we're looking for a woman with no teeth."

Family members say Frenzel may or may not know her own name due to her mental illness. She may make a scene or act paranoid, but she has never hurt anyone.

They have a message for her if she sees this story.

"I love you mom, says Burke. You cant be afraid of people, you must trust me mom. You must trust me Tony. This is the only chance we have to get to you. Let somebody help you."

Saginaw Police are working with the family in the search.