Family continues search for killer after 17 years

Bea Ellis is keeping her promise to her brother. Finding the killer or killers responsible for murdering Andy Valdez, a father of three, nearly twenty years ago.

"When they closed that lid on my brotherâ??s coffin I looked at his face and what they did to him. I promised him that I would do everything I could to find the killer," said Valdezâ??s sister Bea Ellis.

Bea Ellis says she doesn't break a promise. 17 years after her brother was found dead at Whaley Park in flint she is still searching for closure.

After nearly twenty years Ellis says she remembers it like it was yesterday.

"The phone rang and picked it up and my sister in law she couldn't talk and just kept saying my brotherâ??s name,â?? said Ellis.

The billboard at the corner of Leith and Dort is funded by Valdezâ??s family members. Hoping to generate a tip leading to an arrest.

"It will be up for 30 days and I believe my niece and nephew are going to get their own billboard too," said Ellis.

As a father of three Valdez worked in a gm plant for as many years as his murder has been unsolved.

Growing up without a father, his oldest daughter Whitney still peruses answers to her fatherâ??s death.

"She went into criminal justice to find out who killed her dad," said Ellis.