Family demands answers after grandmother killed in Michigan State Trooper involved crash

Marcus Cummings can't believe he's burying his sister.

â??No, not my sister,â?? says Cummings, shaking his head.

Jacqueline Nichols was on her way home Thursday evening with Precious Cochrane, 61 and Robbie Head, 31, when they became the victims of a police pursuit gone wrong.

â??Why,â?? questions Cummings. â??One car, one ticket--whatever they had in that car, why?"

State police say a trooper spotted a driver not wearing his seat belt on Pierson Road. The trooper then tried to pull over the driver.

â??The suspect turned and fled and there was seconds to make a decision,â?? says Captain Gene Kapp, post commander of the Michigan State Police Flint post.

That chase lasting 32 seconds before the trooper hit the car Nichols was in.

â??Why? It wasn't that important for that one car to be taken down or whatever,â?? says Cummings.

â??Understand that a trooper makes a quick decision on when to pursue and when not to pursue a suspect when they're fleeing,â?? says Captain Kapp.

Michigan State Police are now investigating the accident while the trooper is on administrative leave.

â??We realize the pain and the suffering that is occurring,â?? says Kapp.

â??Itâ??s just a senseless death,â?? says Cummings. â??My sister's gone."

â??This is not taken lightly. This does not end today,â?? says Kapp.

The two other people in the car are still recovering at Hurley Hospital.

As for the state police investigation, they plan on presenting the information to the Genesee County prosecutor to see if any charges will be filed.

Meantime, attorney Geoffrey Feiger announced Monday, the family plans of filing a lawsuit against Michigan State Police.

Nicholsâ?? family is hosting a candlelight vigil at the scene of the crash on Tuesday evening at 9:30. They are also accepting donations at local Chase Bank branches in the name of â??Jacqueline Nichols, Donation Account.â??