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      Family, friends remember Flint's latest homicide victims

      Family members console each other at a prayer vigil for Micheal Edwards and Latosha Fox, who were gunned down early Easter Sunday.

      The memory of Micheal Edwards pervaded the front steps of 1721 Neilson Street on Flint??s south side Wednesday, where the 39-year-old was shot to death early Easter morning. Edwards?? friend, Latosha Fox was also shot and died in the hospital Monday.

      Friends and family are trying to make sense of what they call another senseless killing in Flint. The double homicide ends a month-long period the city had gone without a homicide.

      "I don't know, I just take it as it comes, I don't think I can process it yet - just here 'cause I'm supposed to be, I??ve got to be. It's hard, it's real hard,?? said Marilyn Edwards, Edwards?? older sister.

      Edwards?? siblings say he was well-loved by all.

      "We had all thought we weren't going to see any more siblings, but my mother and dad snuck one up on us, you know??? chuckled George Edwards.

      Micheal Edwards was the baby of the family but everyone called him Big Mike. He was the only one of 12 siblings to go to college, played football at Saginaw Valley State University, got his Masters and became a teacher. He taught fellow teacher Stuart Elzy how to address violence with students.

      "If you lose the situation, you lose the fight, so what? You still have your life to gain, you still have your whole life to go on,?? Elzy said.

      While police continue to piece together what happened on Neilson Street Sunday morning, an investigation will never answer why Edwards' life was cut short.

      "A lot of things you just have to leave in the most high God's hands,?? Elzy said.

      Instead of demanding answers, the people who loved Edwards best lifted up prayers, sought wisdom and asked for the strength to love in a situation most people would say warrants resentment.

      "He's a special, special man. He'll always be in the center of my heart,?? George Edwards said.

      Two men have been arrested and are awaiting charges in connection to the double homicide. Police have not said what Sunday??s shooting was about.

      A funeral for Micheal Edwards is scheduled for Saturday at 11 a.m. at Bethlehem Temple Chuch.