Family mourns death of 12-year-old Flint girl

Family members, who identified Saturdayâ??s double homicide victims as 12-year-old Cherish Hill-Renfro and 42-year-old Yolanda Hill, are morning their deaths.

Darris Renfro says he wishes it were all a dream.

â??I didn't really believe it at first, when I got to the scene, it was true,â?? Renfro said.

Renfro was working at a barber shop Saturday when he got a call informing him that his 12-year-old daughter, Cherish Hill-Renfro, and her mother, Yolanda Hill, were found dead in an apartment on Flint's south side.

By Monday, balloons, candles and stuffed animals lined their door.

Renfro's youngest, Cherish is described by her family as a bright girl, mature for her age. Her grandmother says Cherish was active in church and loved music and dancing.

Renfro said he hadn't seen Cherish in a while, but that she loved talking to him on the phone and going out to eat with him.

â??Of course I'm mad, hurt and angry and everything, but all of that don't bring my daughter back,â?? Renfro said.

Police have not confirmed how Cherish and her mother were killed. They have one person in custody.

Renfro said he can only hope police will bring his daughter's killer to justice.

â??Everybody loved her, everybody."

Police have not released a cause of death, but confirm the victims were not shot.

Funeral arrangements are pending.