Family of slain Saginaw teen seeks justice

The person who shot Keyshawn Abraham is described as a black male, driving a silver or white car. (Photo Credit: Baker family)

As she sat with her family, a brokenhearted Carolyn Baker describes her youngest son Keyshwawn as funny, loving and loyal.

"If Keyshawn was your friend, you had the best friend on earth, ever,” said Baker. “You couldn't have found a better friend."

Last Sunday, Baker says Keyshawn was excited to go shopping for school clothes but around 6:15 p.m. everything changed.

"I heard her (daughter) screaming through my stepdad's telephone,” Baker said in tears. “Saying get my momma, Keyshawn got shot."

As Keyshawn rode his bike on Ray Street to a friend's house, he was shot once in the stomach.

A good Samaritan helped him.

"She said she asked him was he ok. she said he just looked at her and said "I’ve been shot; can you help me?” recalled Baker. “She said he told her will you take me to the hospital, “I feel like I'm dying’ "

He was airlifted to Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor in critical condition.

On Friday, Baker and Keyshawn's family decided to take him off of life support.

"There was nothing left, I had to go ahead on and just...he was gone,” Baker said. “My baby was at peace finally."

Now as the family comes to terms with the pain of losing Keyshawn, Baker says faith in God keeps her going and lets her know that justice for Keyshawn is on the way.

"I don't wish death or nothing upon nobody,” said Baker. “But you will pay because my God is going to wear you out until you can't take it no more. You are going to go to the jail and turn your own self in."

Before he passed away, Keyshawn was able to describe his shooter as a black male driving a white or silver car.

If anyone has information regarding his shooting, please call Saginaw Police.

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