Family of teen, who died after police used a stun gun on him, wins $1 million settlement

Brett Elder died after Bay City Police used a stun gun on him in March 2009.

The family of a teenager, who died after police used a stun gun on him two years ago, has won a $1 million settlement.

It TMs a story NBC25 first brought you in March 2009. Police were called to a home in Bay City for reports of minors drinking alcohol.

When police arrived, they found 15-year-old Brett Elder and several other teens. Edler was reportedly extremely intoxicated. Police say they tried to calm the boy down, but he fought back. Authorities said the fight worsened, and they were eventually forced to use a stun gun to tame him.

However, Elder died from the shock.

His family has been fighting the police on the case ever since, and have taken them to court over the matter. They say that police used unnecessary force, and it was their fault that their son died.

Now, about two years later, a settlement has been reached in the case. The courts say four of the teen TMs family members and the family TMs attorney will get a share of the $1 million. According to the Bay City Times, Eugene Elder. Sr. will get $219,554, Eugene Elder Jr. will receive $200,000, Eric Elder (Brett's brother) will also receive $200,000, and Brett Elder's grandmother, Nancy Maluci, will be given $1,000.

No charges were ever filed against the police officer who used the stun gun on the teen.

Do you think the family deserved a settlement, or do you think that police were merely doing their job? Leave us your thoughts.