Family of three rescued from flipped canoe in the Flint River

Family rescued from Flint River / Gordon Yurk,

A family is rescued from the Flint River Monday after their canoe flips near a bridge.

It happened around 2 p.m. Monday afternoon near West Mount Morris and McKinley Roads in Flushing Township.

Video was taken by Gordon Yurk, a neighbor who says the canoe had become caught in some debris under the bridge, but the family stayed calm.

They were all standing up so when I got down there, none of them were in the water. From what I understand, they were in the water at one time, but for most of the rescue they were standing up on the platform, or on the capsized boat itself, said Yurk with

According to the Flint Journal, it was the Flushing Fire Department's first water rescue in ten years.