Family searches for missing 27-year-old

Friends and family are searching for twenty seven year old Tanisha Colton, a Flint mother of three who last seen March 13th.

Ida Nappier is a grandmother, frantically searching through abandoned homes and garages throughout Flints north side.

"I want closure to come; I just want to find out where she is. I mean one way or anther I just want to find my child," said Nappier.

The group canvasing the neighborhood hoping for a tip leading to a rescue, or recovery.

Friends and family gathering to pray for what they say is a nightmare to end.

"She hasn't called anyone and I know that she has to be somewhere, you know somewhere she can't call, or she will never call," said Nappier.

Ida Nappier says she raised Tanisha.

"I never really had no problems with her until she met Henry," said Nappier.

Nappier is talking about this man, Henry Connor, the man Colton was last seen with. Nappier and other family say Connor is both abusive and controlling.

"I didnâ??t know anything about this until now. How bad he was jumping her how bad she was i mean he was controlling her," said Nappier.

After an unsuccessful day of searching Tanisha Coltonâ??s family fears the worst.