Family shares letters from American held in Iran

Amir Hekmati

An ex-Marine incarcerated in Iran for nearly two years says in the first letters written to family in Michigan that he's praying for his ailing father and that his grieving mother shouldn't visit him.

Amir Hekmati's sister Sarah Hekmati told The Associated Press on Tuesday that receiving the letters has been "very emotional."

The Hekmatis' father, a professor at Mott Community College, has brain cancer.

The letters don't offer details about Amir Hekmati's condition, but he writes he's doing well and hopes to see them soon in Michigan.

Sarah Hekmati provided copies of the letters to the AP. They've been translated from Farsi into English.

Iran accuses Hekmati of spying, but a death sentence was overturned. U.S. officials deny the charge.

Hekmati's family says he went to Iran in 2011 to visit his grandmothers.