Family wins lawsuit against Dow Chemical, claiming asbestos exposure caused cancer

A Texas family has won a lawsuit against Dow Chemical, claiming Robert Henderson died of cancer due to asbestos exposure he received while working at Dow.

According to Baron & Bud, P.C., the law firm claims thousands could have been exposed to the harmful substance while working as a contracted employee at the Midland, Michigan plant.

On March 17th, Robert Henderson TMs wife Tanya Henderson and daughters Adrienna and Za TMQuoia were awarded $9 million. According to a Bay City Times report, Dow will have to pay 30% of this amount, and another company where Henderson worked, Alcoa Inc., will pay the rest.

The law firm website states that lawyers were able to prove that his exposure to asbestos while working at the facility caused his mesothelioma. On the report, Attorney John Langdoc states, We verified that Mr. Henderson was one of many workers who was exposed to asbestos at Dow Chemical and later came down with an asbestos cancer. Dow knew workers could get cancer.

According to the Bay City Times, Dow Chemical is striving to overturn the lawsuit. They claim Henderson had exposure elsewhere, and they shouldn TMt be held responsible. Therefore, they TMre seeking to overturn the verdict through post-trial motions.

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